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Art Deco Art Deco $65.00 – $1,800.00

Miami Tower in Red


Material: Please select a Material

  • Acrylic 1/8 inch
  • Acrylic 1/4 inch
  • Aluminum Metal Print

Size: Please select a Size

  • 12" X 18"
  • 16" X 24"
  • 20" X 30"
  • 24" X 36"
  • 30" X 45"
  • 40" X 60"
  • 8" X 12"
  • 10" X 15"


A Miami icon that has inhabited downtown for over three decades.


Acrylic (1/4” or 1/8”):


  • Gallery-grade acrylic with UV filtering;
  • FujiFlex Crystal Archive with continuous tone laser-exposed;
  • Dibond backing with solid back layer of encapsulation; and
  • Commercial-grade wall mounts.


Aluminum Metal:


  • Specially coated aluminum metal that is infused with dyes;
  • Brilliant and vibrant color reproduction;
  • 1/8 rounded edges; and
  • Float mount hangers.

Product FAQs

All of our products are custom made to the specifications of the customer. We use the highest quality materials available in the photographic industry.  For more information on the specific products sold, see below: 


Acrylic Prints 


Acrylic prints are made by taking acrylic plexiglass and face-mounting it on to photographic paper. We use what is considered the best photographic paper in the industry because of its beautiful color reproduction, Fuji Flex Crystal Archive, which is then face-mounted with your choice of 1/4 or 1/8 inch thick acrylic. A museum-grade mount is attached to the back of the photographic print, which we call dibond backing, to seal the print together with the acrylic.  All acrylic prints come sealed from the laboratory and ready to hang once unwrapped.


It should be noted that the 1/8 inch thick acrylic prints cost more because they are combined with anti-reflective acrylic technology, which allows for a more vivid print for when glaring in a room could be an issue. 

<img src="">


Aluminum Metal Print 


Aluminum metal prints are photographic prints that are printed directly onto aluminum metal using infusing dyes.  These aluminum metal sheets are specifically designed to absorb the dyes to create vivid luminescent photographs. The aluminum metal prints all have 1/8 founded corners and come with a floating hanger system.


Vivid Satin Prints 


Vivid satin prints are a relatively new and convenient way to showcase the work you love with an easy-to-use bracket system.  The prints can easily be removed and stored if needed.  With vivid satin prints, images are printed on satin material which allows for crisp and striking images to be displayed.  With its unique hanging system, no frame is needed.  


All vivid satin prints are shipped with the unique hanging system.  To purchase additional prints without the bracket system, please contact us at  


Metallic Paper Prints on GatorFoam 


This is your classic photograph printed on metallic paper providing for rich and vivid colors, which is then mounted on lightweight foam for hanging at home or in your office.  This type of print is our least expensive and makes for an easy and enjoyable gift to share.  


For all products sold, please allow at least two weeks for processing and shipping (depending on the time of year). If there are any questions concerning shipping and handling of any of the products mentioned above, please do not hesitate to reach out to






Shipping is included with every purchase, unless otherwise stated.

If shipping outside of the contiguous United States, please contact us to discuss pricing. 

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Terms of Sale and Order Modifications



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If you have any questions concerning your order or are interested in placing one, but have questions, please Contact Us.

Return Policy

As stated above, due to the nature of the products sold by MJG Fotos, returns will only be granted on a case-by-case basis.  Please keep in mind that these products were specifically designed and manufactured for your order, which makes them unique in nature and quality.  As a result, reselling them to another purchaser can present limitations on MJG Fotos.

It is your responsibility to ensure all delivery and shipping information is correct.  Errors due to inaccurate addresses is your responsibility. We will not reship orders until the original shipment is returned to us, at no cost to us, and you have paid for the cost to reship; as well as any other associated costs.

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